Being Anti-Fragile

The Anti-Fragile Approach


We’ve experienced an incredible amount of change in the past several months.

We believe the right approach is to go beyond just surviving – the key is to user this time and an opportunity to accelerate your efforts and thrive.

Adaption to these changes and finding new ways to thrive have become essential skills. Attempting to cling to the past or remain static creates friction against the constant change we have seen. Our philosophy or working principle has been to be anti-fragile, not to be confused with being resilient.

Let us (Derrick) break down the difference.

Being Resilient implies you can survive harsh conditions or stress without breaking. When the stress or pressure is removed, you return to normal.

Being Anti-fragile is different in the fact that you endure the pressure, find ways to grow from difficult situations, and ultimately grow your skillset and capabilities to deal with uncertain conditions.

Catching Up with

A series we developed to discuss with our friends and partners. We cover everything from current events, perspectives and philosophies and of course, how they are remaining not only resilient but anti-fragile.

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