Our Approach to Reporting

Our reports are not run of the mill, screenshots of Google Analytics. We provide insights based on the data we track. We use those insights to create effective campaigns for you. We show you how your business achieve its goals, grows, and gains customers. We also utilize the data to help us continually improve on each of your campaigns. We don’t just set it and forget it. 

What we include in reports:

Our Clients

Why we take reporting seriously:

Specific Data Tracking

We can track specific variables that you want additional information on outside of our standard reporting. We tailor each report to best fit the interests of each client.

Tracking our Efforts

At the beginning of each engagement, we set benchmarks to measure our success. This allows us to know where we started, and how much progress we have made. 

Keep Clients Aware and Involved

Our detailed tracking allows for insightful reporting, giving you a picture of how our services are improving your digital presence on a month by month basis.

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