Our Approach to Digital Advertising

Every dollar you spend on digital advertising should have a reason behind it. We examine your business, your current digital presence and your competitors to determine which type of paid media advertising will be the most effective.


Initial Business Overview

A process to define business goals with clients and determine how we can best help you achieve those goals through a digital strategy. This is where our team meets yours and begins a highly collaborative and communication-based relationship.


Strategy Development

We conduct market research to determine best audience segments and develop benchmarks that measure the success of the Pay-Per-Click campaigns selected. We configure tracking softwares to ensure all services are trackable and able to provide us insights on what is and is not working.


Campaign Implementation

We begin executing Pay-Per-Click campaigns by developing landing pages, writing ads, bidding on optimal keywords, and managing audience segments. Our experts understand how to create compelling call-to-actions that highlight the value of your business’s goods and/or services. 


Analysis and Reporting

We deliver a detailed report with data-driven insights included at the end of each month. The reports are reviewed collectively by our team and yours for a better understand how the campaigns are performing and what changes are needed for an even greater performance next iteration.


Continuous Improvement

From the detailed metrics gathered, we draw impactful insights after analyzing the data for opportunity and improvement. With newfound information campaigns and strategies are adjusted increase effectiveness.  

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How we execute digital advertising campaigns:

Our Clients

Best Practices for PPC:

Campaign adjustments

We don’t just setup campaigns and let them run. We make adjustments based on performance, trending activity, keywords and quality scores. Our goal is to most effectively use your budget to gain more conversions.

Effective and efficient marketing

Our strategies are developed to increase quality traffic and leads, not just volume. We build landing pages geared to convert, whether the conversion is a signup form, e-commerce transaction or phone call.

Comprehensive campaigns

The most effective campaigns require cohesive content. Using the keywords within the targeted keyword group, ad copy and landing page is crucial to score the highest quality score possible for more efficient bidding.

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