Our Approach to Social Media Marketing

Captivate and engage users, target audiences and properly utilize social media platforms for growth. We use the extensive information available via social networks to find opportunities for your business.


Initial Business Overview

A process to define business goals with clients and determine how we can best help you achieve those goals through a digital strategy. This is where our team meets yours and begins a highly collaborative and communication-based relationship.


Strategy Development

An evaluation of the current state of your social media presence. Our team conducts market research to familiarize ourselves with your competitive landscape. We configure platform specific tracking software to ensure each campaign or service is trackable and able provide us insights on what is and is not working.


Campaign Implementation

We begin executing the recommended social media campaigns and services to impact your business’s digital presence and build ROI. Often our projects involve fundamental social media services such as audience refinement and campaign building along with more technical approaches like micro influencer building and enhanced campaigns involving Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


Analysis and Reporting

We compile the data collected and metrics tracked to deliver a detailed report with data-driven insights included. The reports are reviewed collectively by our team and yours for a better understand how the campaigns are performing and the next best steps for an even greater performance next iteration.


Continuous Improvement

From the detailed metrics gathered, we draw impactful insights after analyzing the data for opportunity and improvement. With newfound information campaigns and strategies are adjusted increase effectiveness.  

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How we execute Social Media Campaigns:

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Best Practices for Social Media Marketing:

Target Audience Refinement

We leverage social platforms to refine target audiences down to detailed parameters. This gives us the ability to target by age, location, gender, interests, pages liked, and more.

Seamless Native Advertising

Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn have created advertising platforms that integrate sponsored and paid campaigns to seamlessly fill in on a user’s timeline. Giving your campaign an genuine and non-intrusive experience.

Exclusive Social Offers

Reward users with exclusive offers and promotions to those who like and follow you on social media platforms. Give users a reason to follow and share your brand online.

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