How We Start Everyday

We start everyday with the same question to each of our teammates, “what is something that’s going well for you?”

Doesn’t have to be work related, could be anything that is good in your life. Thinking of it, expressing it, and sharing it frames the rest of the day in a positive light. We built this page to compile interest nuggets of information that we hope spreads a positive mindset to you!

What is going WellAwesomeGreatGood For You?

We’ve experienced nearly everything in our lives shift in the past several months. Where we conduct work, how we socialize, down to how we go shopping has changed. The question or concern we hear most while interacting with clients, observing behavior on social media, and what we hear people talking about is how do we adjust to the “new normal”? We’ve noticed the mindset to be the biggest difference with those who are happy and resilient.

Those most willing to adapt and braced for change have remained the most positive while those who most unhappy are those who hope for the old routine to come back. We wanted to build a page to share all the information, research, and good news to either reinforce or shift your framing of the situation we are all dealing with in the most positive perspective possible.

¬†Want To Learn More About Our Mindset? Want to Share What’s Going Well?

We love talking with friends, partners, clients, and other community members on how to embrace challenges and look for the positive. Contact us if you have a similar framework for living or want to learn how to!

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