Who We Are

Business Transformation through Strategy, Data, and Iteration

We love helping companies meet their goals using targeted strategies, data analysis, and continual refinement

We’re hands on.

We pay attention.

We use the tactics that best align with your strategy, and we track them like crazy.

Then we analyze the data in order to do something with it – not just create a pretty report. If something’s not working, we’ll tell you what happened and why and we’ll make adjustments. If something is working, we’ll optimize it to make it even better.

We should emphasize the fact that digital marketing is often intangible and we strive to make it a more tangible experience so clients do not feel so left in the dark.

The world of digital is a dark maze of cross-platform, multi-channel, inter-connected, constantly changing technologies that inform and create the customer journey. As this world changes, so do we.

the team at brillity digital, josh, vivianna, derrick, nate, and aaron walk in a row together while engaged in conversation

Meet the Team

headshot of brillity digital ceo and visionary, derrick kuhn with arms crossed in an outdoor setting, dappled sunlight showing through the blurred background

Derrick Kuhn

Director of Strategy & Owner

Brillity is my 12th company and is the cumulation of all I have learned. Within the company, I focus on:

  1. Developing strategy for our clients.
  2. Instilling our values and operating principles.
  3. Developing and supporting our team.

I am an entrepreneur to the core, having pursued business as a platform to pursue ideas and opportunities to grow, explore, contribute, and chart my own course since 2001. 

My journey has been filled with success, failure, learning and tremendous growth, in all areas of life. Growth, a central theme and pursuit in my life, allows me to not only improve myself but also our clients and our team members.

I consider my greatest career accomplishments to be building an amazing team and developing meaningful relationships with our exceptional clients.

My passions include (but are by no means limited to) learning, fitness, neuroscience and how it can be applied to daily life, philosophy, science fiction, and spending time with my two children, Aiden and Aryanna.

I am innately curious and have accumulated lots of information through my research. So be prepared if you happen to mention a topic I am passionate about (see above of potential topics that could result in brain dump of fascinating knowledge and information).

Vivianna Davis

Director of Operations & Strategist

At Brillity, I am the integrator to our visionary, Derrick. I help turn Derrick’s fountain of creativity and ideas into reality in the day-to-day operations of the business.

In addition to the integrator role, I wear a couple of additional hats including finance, accounting, HR, and account manager for a handful of clients. In terms of digital marketing, I’m a specialist in SEO and intuitive design for the web.

I live in the details and love to see a solid concept morph from idea into reality. I love turning client’s ideas into reality with good planning and execution, and laying out plans and checklists to ensure everything is completed correctly and timely. I get excited about leading a team and ensuring everyone is rowing together in the same direction.

I was proud to be nominated for a Women of Distinction award in 2019.

Outside of work, I pretty much enjoy anything that involves being outside or animals. I have two active dogs (Ollie, a cattle dog mix, and Maia, a border collie/boxer mix) that I love adventuring with around Northern Colorado (they’ve also been known to make a guest appearance at meetings). When I’m not hanging or hiking with my dogs, I’m probably doing some other form of exercise—my go-to’s are Pilates, hot yoga, and horse-back riding.

headshot of brillity digital integrator and head of hr/finance, vivianna davis. she is standing with arms crossed, posing in front of an outdoor background
headshot of nate shugrue from brillity digital who is in charge of sales and client experience at brillity digital. he is standing with arms crossed in front of an outdoor background

Nate Shugrue

Director of Business Development

I do a little bit of everything at Brillity. My primary role is managing the sales process, handling the experience someone has from first outreach to becoming a client.  I spend a significant amount of time nurturing Brillity’s relationships with partners, current and potential clients, networking groups, and Northern Colorado’s community as a whole.

I also help manage our web development projects, with a solid knowledge of WordPress and its backend, hosting solutions, and DNS (yuck). Derrick and I work together to build a great culture for Brillity through being living examples of the values and principles we have set for the team.

I love the relationship and rapid learning aspects of our business. Working with companies to help achieve a goal or objective is truly satisfying when it requires both of our teams to come together and accomplish something we could not have done alone. Getting the opportunity to meet such a variety of people has been rewarding in itself. I love learning about what people are passionate about and what their purpose is. Learning their ‘why’ helps me stay focused and intent on how we can best help someone. 

I was recently nominated for NOCO Style’s 30 under 30. I also spent time as the vice president for the American Marketing Association’s Colorado chapter as a volunteer, managing their board of volunteers . I currently serve as the vice president of a local BNI (Business Network International) and am a usual at both Fort Collins and Loveland Chamber of Commerce events.  I also completed the Fort Collins Chamber Leadership program in 2019-2020, which I recommend to anyone with a passion about our local community and resources.

Outside of work, I love basketball! I enjoy playing it, watching it (NBA, college, Olympics, as well as some of the street level stuff you can find on YouTube), analyzing it, reading deep analysis of the trends within the game, player’s contracts, etc. I am also a huge fan of Marvel comics and am a walking Wikipedia of Marvel knowledge.  Most weekends you can find me enjoying time with friends in either Old Town Fort Collins or LoDo Denver.

If you’re a client, potential client or just interested in Brillity/digital marketing, I am always happy to grab coffee, lunch, or a happy hour drink with you! Also, if you ever have a question about something digital, web development, or tech based, I am happy to provide information or point you in the right direction.

headshot of the paid media specialist at brillity digital, josh stess. he is standing with his arms crossed and smiling in front of an outdoor background

Josh Stess

Digital Analyst

I lead the paid media efforts at Brillity, including Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Facebook Ads. I also handle conversion tracking, site speed, and contribute conversion optimization perspectives. On the side, I bring some good and some outlandish ideas to the team as we are always thinking about how to work smarter.

I work well under pressure and thrive on the opportunity to grow and transform a client’s business. With paid media, the stakes are higher for clients and so is the potential immediate impact. Applying my digital expertise to drive success and growth for our clients is very rewarding, especially when we are having a positive transformative effect on how their company operates; fueling an internal company revolution, resurrecting a client’s company from Covid destruction, or powering a location expansion. It reinforces that my work is impactful and powerful.

The other thing I love about my role is that the field moves at a fast pace. To do my job well, learning and development are critical and constant. These are both luxuries of the job that I appreciate.

My biggest project involved bringing a client’s company back to life after the Covid death blow. The catch was we could only sell to 35 percent of their old market. With a solid strategy, thorough approach, and crisp execution we were able to succeed with 100 percent of the sales powered by paid ads. The bonus: The company restructured to a more profitable model before scaling back up and went from seven or eight employees back to its original size of 30+ employees.

I am a student of strategy and love a good deep strategy board game. If I am not working on playing board games, you will find me climbing at the rock gym. I’m a fan of a good nap, too.

Aaron Orchard

Project Manager & Digital Strategist

I am the Air traffic controller and main point of contact for the majority of our clients. I also work a lot on project management and bridge the gap between our SEO expert, Vivianna, and our Google ads expert, Josh, as I have experience and knowledge in both realms. 

I love learning new things and leaning into challenges. If one of the team has a task they are not fond of I love volunteering for it and seeing if I can do it more efficiently, with more enthusiasm and enjoyment. Repetitive tasks are something I love challenging myself with. My goal for working is to be efficiently effective—to find faster, more effective and more efficient systems. If I can do two minutes of work in one minute, I have reached the pinnacle of efficient effectiveness. 

I have an honest obsession with working. I wake up at 4 a.m. and like to start working as soon as I open my eyes. Work hours don’t really apply to me or my schedule—If the work needs to be done, it will get done. My team has labelled my personality and work ethic as “unstoppable.”

I believe one of my biggest career-related achievements is starting with next to no knowledge of the industry and growing to be a well-rounded digital marketer and strategist. I tackled it with my high level of intensity and quickly learned the skills and mindset thanks to being efficiently effective. 

Derrick likes to say I’m a renaissance man—I enjoy many facets of life. I love cooking, baking and mountain biking. I am a 2nd-degree black belt in jujitsu, I enjoy outdoor activities, love to garden and work in my flower beds. I am also an avid woodworker. My personal interests revolve around learning new things about pretty much everything. I have been called a “random depository of knowledge” for knowing random facts about some pretty obscure things.

headshot of aaron orchard, one of the talented digital strategists at brillity digital who can do a little bit of everything. he is standing with his arms crossed, smiling, in front of an outdoor background.

Bryan Kuhn

Advisor & Counsel

Off the clock, I head to the hills for as much powder as I can find. Unless, of course, there’s no powder, then I head to the hills in my Lotus and enjoy the scenery. I consider myself to be a lifelong and dedicated “professional entrepreneur.” Licensed as an attorney in the state of Colorado (USA), I specialize in business and employment law and manage my own law practice in downtown Denver.

My consultation and advice come backed with my in-depth professional experience that spans hundreds of court trials, arbitrations, legal disputes, and business transactions as a partner level attorney as well as participating in domestic and international business deals.