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These days consumers rely heavily on the internet for making daily decisions and you must do everything in your power to increase your business’s visibility in organic search engine results.

We Get Results With SEO

Our work with clients on their SEO strategy and execution has led to outstanding results not only in getting their businesses higher up on the search results and not only in increasing traffic. This work leads directly to leads, sales, and profits.


Increase in Nonbranded Discovery Searches


Increase in Website Conversions


Year-Over-Year Increase in Revenue from SEO

Brillity Digital CEO, Derrick Kuhn, talks about Search Engine Optimization.

What is SEO?

SEO is the practice of making content and technical adjustments to a website in order to increase the ranking on search engines, such as Google. The higher you show up in search results for key terms and search queries, the more often your business is going to get noticed. Don’t get lost on page 2 of the search results when everyone is clicking on page 1.

Search Engine Optimization matters because 68% of online experiences begin with a search engine like Google. Your customers don’t know how to find exactly what they want when they sit down at their computers or open a browser on their phone. They use a search engine to type in the keywords that describe what they’re looking for, and the search engine shows them results that hopefully match. (Learn more about why Google cares that the results it gives you are relevant here.) Let’s make sure when your ideal customers enter in those keywords, your business appears!

It’s never too early for SEO.

Search Engine Optimization strategy starts as soon as you build your website. But if you have a website and haven’t worked on SEO yet, that’s ok! We can still optimize your website to bring in more traffic.

Remember: SEO requires patience.

Unlike many paid strategies, like Google Ads, SEO is a longer-term play. As we make optimizations on and off your website, it can take time for the search engines to realize that your website should increase in rankings! When it does, though, we typically see steady growth. We keep a close eye on the indicators that tell us how to fine-tune your SEO strategy and get your site ranking #1 for your high-priority keywords.

As you work on your SEO, it’s important that you also monitor other key metrics, including conversions, to make sure that your strategy is paying off. What’s the point of getting more visits to your site if they’re not from your ideal customers who are ready to convert? The primary goal of SEO should be to drive more organic website traffic that is likely to convert

If you’re not first, you’re last.

Most people know that the higher you are in search results, the more likely your site is to get clicked on. But you may be surprised to hear just how valuable those first few spots are.

  • A user is twice as likely to click on a link that shows up #1 in results than the one that shows up in #2.

  • Over half of all users will click one of the first three links.

  • Once we look past the first several results, almost no one is clicking those links.

When it comes to SEO, our goal is to get you ranking #1 for high-quality keywords that will drive your business.

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