What We Do

All digital marketing agencies will provide a long, detailed list of the services they provide. We have one of those too.

But when customization and personalization is what we do best, a long list won’t help.

Just because we know the latest and greatest SEO techniques doesn’t mean these are the right fit for transforming your business. Just because someone’s cousin’s hairdresser heard about a new CRO strategy doesn’t mean that strategy will work for you.

three employees of brillity digital, aaron, derrick, and vivianna are gathered around two monitors discussing strategy

At Brillity, we’ll use thorough research and real ongoing conversations to create and refine personalized strategies to move your business forward.

A Full Range of Services

Google Analytics and Reporting

Website Design & Development

Digital Roadmapping

Google Ads

Search Engine Optimization

LinkedIn Paid Ads

Conversion Rate Optimization

Social Media Management

Some of the Work We’ve Done

Pedestal Source: From doomed to dominating

Pedestal Source/Xylem Design, a lean manufacturing company based in Fort Collins, CO, designs and builds high-end pedestals and art displays. The company had a standout year in 2019 due to their growing reputation as the go-to display source for tradeshows, conferences and museums. However, things took a turn in 2020 when events and trade shows were canceled and galleries closed their doors due to COVID-19. Sales took a nosedive and things looked pretty bleak for the company.
We’d been managing Pedestal Source’s PPC campaigns and knew that without an immediate pivot, the company would be another casualty of the pandemic. We started researching and quickly discovered an untapped market—stuck inside, more people than ever were putting their time and money into decorating their home. Working closely with Pedestal Source, we quickly created an entirely new online focus targeting consumers instead of businesses. The results were outstanding: Within weeks we’d replaced the lost revenue, put the manufacturing line back to work and effectively saved the business.

ProFence: Booking out for a bright future

When ProFence, an East-Coast based commercial fencing company, first approached Brillity, their website lacked SEO value and quality content, and their digital advertising efforts were overpriced and underperforming—they were leaking leads and quite frankly, didn’t know what they were paying their marketing agency for.
We quickly rebuilt the site and implemented a new media strategy. The impact was nearly immediate: ProFence went from booking out two months in advance to seven months in advance, and was able to plan for the future with secure footing and an overflowing sales funnel.

McCormick Automotive Center: Showcasing in-person strengths online to drive growth and expansion

John McCormick’s passion for cars, expertise on all things auto-related and relationship-driven service helped him grow his small auto shop in Fort Collins into a successful business with a dozen employees. However, while working with a national agency that specializes in auto shops, McCormicks saw growth flatline—the generic website the agency built with obvious stock photos and no mention of John or his people-centered approach was not doing anything to help his company.
Brillity took over the digital management of McCormick’s and focused on extending the feeling and values John brings to his in-person interactions, to his online presence. Shortly thereafter, service requests increased significantly, putting the company in a good position when COVID hit.
With the pandemic-related rising costs of new and used cars, Brillity helped McCormicks capitalize on the shift towards maintenance and repair and ultimately dominate the local automotive industry.
We’re still working with John, helping him build a new marketing plan for the opening of a second shop and potentially several more locations—a dream that, according to him, was made possible by our digital strategy and execution.