When we talk with businesses about paid marketing campaigns, they often think first about Google Ads. These get a lot of attention (we wrote a whole post about them!), and the name Google Ads sometimes becomes synonymous with any paid search. However, Google Ad search campaigns aren’t right for every business at every time. 

Here are seven signs that your business will get the most out of search campaigns right now:

If all of the qualifications above apply to your business, Google Ads search campaigns are a great fit for you!! But what if this doesn’t apply to you? Let’s look at a few use cases.

If I’m not sure whether Google Ads search campaigns are right, how can I tell if something else will work better?

Let’s say you only want leads from individuals that have a job title of “VP of Sales” from organizations with over 500 employees. In this case, Google Ads wouldn’t be the best platform for your campaign. With Google Ads, you only focus on users who search within the keywords you’re targeting; you don’t have control of anything else like job title. In this case, a LinkedIn Campaign targeting individuals with those job credentials makes much more sense.

Let’s say you have a product that you want to promote, and you have an e-commerce website that can manage your online sales. It may make sense to explore a Google Shopping Campaign first, then determine if Google Search would be a worthwhile addition to your marketing strategy. A Google Shopping Campaign places pictures of your product above Search campaigns on the search results page. They do a great job of highlighting your product’s image and price. These would be a better place to start with your advertising dollars than Google Search.

If you already have a Google Search Campaign for your service, but (a) you want to strengthen incoming leads even further, (b) your leads have a long sales cycle (over 2 months), or (c) your prospects may get distracted and forget about your company, then a Google Retargeting campaign would be a great addition to your marketing strategy. This focuses on users who have already visited your website and may need a little push to remind them that your service is available for them. 

Do you want to run a campaign driving traffic to your local storefront? Google Ads is always adapting and adding new features, like Performance Max Campaigns – which allow advertisers to create a flexible ad that may be used across various Google Ad campaign types (Search, Shopping, etc.). They allow you to use several mediums to drive traffic to your location!

Still wondering if Google Ads or Search Campaigns are a good fit for your business?

It is our job, and goal, to create a marketing strategy that meets the needs of your business. We will sit down with yours to learn more about your business, your industry and your needs to create strategic campaigns that are tailored to your situation. 

If the information above sparks curiosity or questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to talk to you more about your thoughts and see if we can help!

About the Author

Josh Stess

Josh Stess

Josh Stess is our Paid Search Specialist. He specializes in all major paid search channels, including Google Ads, Bing Ads, and LinkedIn Ads. He has successfully managed campaigns worth tens of thousands of dollars with incredible results.