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A sign shop with a history of working with ineffective digital agencies needed a team who could zero in on their focused service offering and highlight it on their website.

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YoY Increase in Website Conversions
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Colographic owner Jimmy Burds talks about working with Brillity Digital.


Meet Colographic

Colographic has been in business for over 50 years in Commerce City. The company’s CFO, Jimmy Burds, has worked in the graphics business his whole life starting from when he was fresh out of high school. He took over Colographic in the early 90’s and took it to another level with his boots on the ground marketing.

The Coloraphic team standing next to one of their products: custom-made outdoor signage.


Digital Agencies Weren’t Communicating

Unfortunately, that boots on the ground marketing technique become much less successful in the late 2010’s. Jimmy knew he needed to transition to digital marketing in order to keep up with and take over his competition’s market share. He had hired a number of digital marketing agencies, but he never saw reports or had meetings with them, and he never really knew if work was being accomplished or finished. He didn’t know what the agencies were doing.

Another one of Colographic’s signature services: fleet wrap graphics.

Colographic needed an agency that would provide data and transparency on how the company was doing in the digital space.

Jimmy Burds, Colographic’s owner, working with the Brillity team on strategy.


Building a Focused Strategy

We started out by cleaning up Colographic’s local listings to ensure Google saw the correct information for where, who, and what they do. Then we sat down with the client to figure out what they wanted to rank for and where the focus should be directed. They selected fleet graphics and office signage, and we went to work on PPC and SEO strategy.

Colographic’s growth over time.


An Iterative Approach for Immense Growth

After our foundational PPC and SEO set up, we worked with the client to further refine keywords and ads based on which were getting results. This analysis let us hone in and select the highest converting terms for both paid media and search engine conversion. After this refining process, we saw immense results for their website conversions resulting in fantastic growth and incredible amount of leads. We provided so many leads that they are having trouble hiring to keep up with the lead flow.

Year Over Year Growth: 2021 to 2022

Website’s form conversion rate growth comparing Jan-Feb 2021 to Jan-Feb 2022.

Goal completion growth comparing Jan-Feb 2021 to Jan-Feb 2022.

Goal conversion rates comparing Jan-Feb 2021 to Jan-Feb 2022.

“Working with Brillity has gotten us results that are far above the previous three companies combined. They understand how we do business, we communicate back and forth, it feels like a real partnership. I feel like they are as invested in us hitting our company goals that we have set. Everything about working with them has felt right, right from the beginning. I have never had that feeling with other companies.”