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A specialty medical office needed a marketing team who could grow their business and help make sure patients were better informed about their health.

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YoY Growth in Website Traffic
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YoY Increase in Internet Search Appointments
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YoY Increase in revenue from SEO



Colorado Colon and Rectal Specialists, or CCRS, is a specialty medical office that was interested in growing their practice and building a stronger online presence. They wanted to turn up higher in relevant search results and provide more valuable, accurate information both for potential patients and the general public. With so much information available online and so many people self-diagnosing, their competition was varied and sizable, and additionally detrimental to patients who would be getting better care in office.


Competing with easily accessible self-diagnosis tools and less than credible advice

Increase in volume and competition of information:

  • With unlimited access to information, consumers have more buying power than ever before when it comes to making health-related decisions. Consumers were looking to educate themselves online before scheduling an appointment or visiting a doctor.

Increase in alternatives to treatment:

  • Consumers were getting more comfortable using testing and treatment options that are available within their own home. Unfortunately, at home testing and treatment is less effective and accurate than the services provided by the clinic.

Building credibility and trust

  • The CCRS website was not secure, which is a huge red flag in the health care community.
  • The site was not optimized for the mobile experience. Its poor loading time led to a higher bounce rate than industry standards.
Writing in a journal

The company needed a strategy to improve the site content and bring more patients to the practice for quality medical care.

Computers on a desk


SEO techniques to increase access to accurate medical information

Our approach was to clearly communicate the practice’s value by enabling patients to make informed decisions regarding their health care. Through valuable, accurate blog content, we wanted to make patients feel educated and comfortable by presenting ourselves as an unbiased source of medical information. Each touchpoint needed to make patients feel supported and cared for by professional and high-quality information.

We used SEO strategy focused on targeted keyword research to make sure patients would find the CCRS blog by focusing on content that addressed patient needs, concerns, and questions.

We also decreased loading speed by migrating to WPEngine and improved security by managing installation of a SSL certificate.

Website Traffic Growth Chart


Incredible Growth

The results were astounding. We increased CCRS web traffic,phone calls, and appointments coming from internet search. Overall, the clinic saw a 904% increase in revenue from SEO. The clinic was able to serve more patients and provide more members of the community with high quality medical care.

  • Annual website traffic grew 200% YoY
  • Phone calls increased 150% YoY
  • 901% increase in Internet Search appointments YoY
  • 904% increase in revenue from SEO

Working with Brillity for over two years has been a blast! They’ve taken the mystique out of digital marketing for us, and deliver results (aka new revenue) time-and-time again. We’re a small company, yet always feel we’re Brillity’s biggest customer. Very reliable.