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McCormick Auto came to us looking for a personalized marketing strategy that would reflect for the unique personality of their owners and shop. With our help, their new site now better reflects their team, and their conversions and organic search traffic improved dramatically.

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Increase in Conversions
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Increase in “Make an Appointment” Conversions
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Meet John McCormick

McCormick Automotive is a locally owned mechanic shop that provides transparent and honest work to the greater Fort Collins community. The owner John McCormick has always had a passion for automobiles and being a mechanic.

His first shop was directly across from CSU on College Ave and Elizabeth. They have a saying around their shop, “we treat every car like our mom’s car” and “do it right. Do it honestly”. This approach helped him grow the business and move into their current location on Horsetooth Ave. People are truly grateful for the consultation his team provides and never feels like they are being overcharged or being nickel and dimed. This is a huge differentiator in the auto industry, a service that almost everyone needs but few have the knowledge to understand the workings of their vehicle, let alone know if they are being charged correctly.

McCormick Automotive Center

McCormick’s first shop in Fort Collins, CO


No More Cookie Cutter Solutions

John had grown his business into a successful mechanic shop full of reliable mechanics, service writers, and a welcoming family atmosphere in their waiting room. However, he wasn’t as busy as he could be and he knew he could be helping more people with their vehicles.

John was frustrated with the agency who claimed to be experts in the digital marketing space specific for mechanics/automotive centers (Kukui). He felt like the warm and friendly experience he provided to customers was not being translated at all with his online presence.

The agency was using a templated approach to service hundreds, if not thousands of other shops across the country.

John figured that there had to be someone who could help better communicate his company’s unique approach and reliable service in the digital space.

Great customer service is key to the team’s success

The company needed a digital marketing team who could better communicate their unique approach and reliable service in the digital space.

We built McCormicks a website that reflected the unique, approachable personality customers experience in the store.


No More Cookie Cutter Solutions

After taking a look at the company’s generic, uninspired website, it was clear that the website was an overused template that didn’t reflect the business’s unique personality. We saw that the former digital marketing team had “set it and forgot” mentality about their PPC ads: they were not optimized or managed beyond ensuring monthly budgets were paid.

Brillity met with John and his business partner to truly understand their approach and what they wanted reflected on their company’s online presence. We recommended building a new website full of their own language, photos of their staff rather than stock photography, and provided local keywords to their strategy. We were able to accurately provide online visitors to McCormick Automotive’s website a similar experience to those who visit the shop, understanding it is a local business, with family and honest values, and an unparalleled warranty for all services offered. We implemented improved SEO and Paid Search strategies, then helped the company continue to grow throughout the pandemic.

Since we started working with them, McCormick’s has opened a second location


Inspiring Growth

Brillity extended the same level of trust and expertise in our digital industry as John does to his clients. He felt we didn’t hide anything and explained everything in terms he understood. The results were amazing. McCormick Automotive steadily became busier. Make an appointment conversions are the top way to get new customers into the lifetime value equation for McCormicks. The time between February 2020 to Feb 2021 saw a 123% increase in conversions due to SEO, Paid ads, and CRO.

Organic search traffic saw a 115% increase in make an appointment conversions alone. Plus a 24% increase in traffic lead to a 115% increase in conversions due to CRO improvements, such as shortening the conversion process and lowering the bar of entry.

Company Growth Over Time

24% growth in website traffic over time.

Keyword position tracking over time.

Position tracking vs competitors