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A bike manufacturer needed a way to manage complicated website infrastructure changes while ensuring the design matched the high-end brand.

Soft Star
Increase in Organic traffic
Soft Star
Increase in Website Transactions
Soft Star
Increase in Website Conversion Rate


Meet Niner Bikes

Niner Bikes is a B2B high-end bike manufacturer that sells bikes to distributors. Their website was visually appealing to stand out to buyers and match the sleek aesthetic of their bikes.


A Website in Need of Upgrades

Niner’s website was slow, hard to use, and not well optimized for SEO or organic impressions. A website rebuild would be inherently complicated, and their marketing team wasn’t sure how to decide several key infrastructure components. They needed a very specific integration in order for them to use a different CMS to hold their website. They had looked at different options in the past but were unable to find a usable solution that solved this integration problem.

The company needed a team to lead CMS integration, update the site, and increase organic traffic to bike dealers.


Partnering With Developers

We reached out to a development company that we had worked with in the past and asked if it was possible to integrate these two incompatible systems. They discovered some tweaks we would be able to use for stock integration that would connect the backend product storage with the front end CMS. This would let us seamlessly transition the website while optimizing SEO and building traffic.


An Optimized Website Leads to Growth

Niner launched a new, optimized and organized site that would allow better search engine optimization. We built a better structure for meta-data, site structure and URL changes, and made key CRO changes to ensure people could find what they needed. This resulted in a 70% increase in organic traffic alone, plus an increase of 130% in transactions for parts, accessories, and apparel. Lastly, with the CRO changes and increase in traffic they saw a 44% increase in overall site conversion rate.

[Working with Brillity] has really changed the way we do business.”