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A local Tex Mex restaurant chain needed a digital marketing agency that would get results across multiple channels.

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Increase in Nonbranded Discovery Searches
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Increase in Average Google Review Score
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The Rio Grande team talks about working with Brillity Digital.


The Rio Grande Restaurant

The Rio Grande first opened in Fort Collins, Colorado, in 1986. They value good food, good service, and positive energy, and they’re known in the state for their Tex Mex food and margaritas. They’ve since grown to six locations.

The Rio Grande Restaurant

One of the Rio Grande Restaurant’s six locations.


Managing A Shift in Customers’ Digital Habits

As the Rio grew into additional locations, they ran into challenges. As consumer behavior shifted to technology, they found that the number of new tables was down across their restaurants. Tech savvy competitors were leveraging digital marketing to grab customers, and the Rio was threatened by lower quality restaurants with better digital presences.

The team hired multiple digital agencies, but these agencies didn’t produce results and hid their work, making it impossible for Jason Barrett, the Rio’s CEO, to tell what was happening. Jason’s team didn’t know what strategies were being used, and the occasional reports they received didn’t help.

Rio Grande Restaurant Website

The Rio needed to build their online presence to attract more customers.

The Rio needed a digital agency that could successfully and transparently help the restaurant grow and reach new customers.

The Rio’s customer’s experience would be improved by consistency in local listings.


Restaurant Industry Research for Custom Strategy

We started by building services and strategies customized to each location’s market. The strengths and areas of growth for a restaurant in, for example, a suburban mall were different than those in downtown Denver, and each location needed a unique plan that still stayed true to the overall identity of the restaurants. The restaurants’ local listings did not match, hurting their local SEO, so we refined and optimized each listing. This also included making key adjustments to the way their menus showed up on local listings using best practices to keep up with other restaurants.

One other concern that needed to be addressed right away was the restaurants’ reviews. Research uncovered a key data point about restaurant reviews: when a restaurant’s rating is below 4.2 stars, the chance that people will eat there drops significantly. The Rio’s ratings were below a 4.

We analyzed reviews across each location to find company-wide trends and location-wide areas of growth. The Rio team used this information to improve customer experience across the restaurants and solicit the reviews they needed to improve their scores.

A better online presence increases the number of customers and profits.


Incredible, Lasting Growth

With our help, the Rio saw tremendous success. They brought their Google ratings average up to 4.3. Their site saw increases in nonbranded and organic traffic, which means people found the Rio who didn’t already know about the restaurant. Their menu listing included the details potential customers were looking for in order to make an online order or visit the restaurant knowing what to expect.

You hire experts like Brillity, they teach you how to target better, they teach you how to message better, and then voila. Through that process, you start seeing people start paying more attention to your company, and ultimately what you want to see is more butts in seats. And that means increased volume and increased sales.