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A pedestal manufacturer needed to shift their strategy to account for gallery and tradeshow closings in 2020.

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Xylem CEO Seth Braverman talks about working with Brillity Digital.


Xylem Design & Pedestal Source

Xylem is a lean manufacturing company that builds high-end pedestals. All of their products are handmade in their factory in Fort Collins, Colorado, by a team with over 30 years of experience. They have outstanding customer service which has led to rave reviews and repeat customers. The leader of the company, Greg Glebe created a unique culture of self-improvement and ownership mindset. Before COVID, they primarily produced displays for trade shows and art galleries, and the company was steadily growing.

Xylem retail display

Xylem’s pedestals were featured in retail displays.


Everything changed in March 2020

When the country shut down for COVID, trade shows were canceled and galleries were closed. Xylem’s business slowed to a standstill. Without these key B2B customers, sales plummeted. The company was ready to shut its doors for good.

Xylem tradeshow display

Retail stores, galleries, and tradeshows like this one shut down during COVID.

Xylem needed a major shift in strategy to manage unprecedented changes to client needs.

xylem in action

Xylem’s factory shifted production from B2B to B2C pedestals.


From B2B to B2C

After doing some research, we found that while people were stuck at home, they were thinking more about home upgrades. There was increased interest in home artwork displays. While Xylem was operating under a B2B model, a pivot to B2C would open up a new market with growing demand.

We revamped Xylem’s entire PPC ecosystem to target B2C instead of B2B and cranked up all of our MVP keyword quality scores to 11. Then we re-architected their shopping campaigns from the ground up with best practices. We also set up custom titles for their MVP shopping products. We needed our campaign quality to be basically perfect for MVP keywords since we were facing off vs much larger companies.

A Xylem pedestal display in a private residence


Incredible Growth Followed

The results were outstanding and hit just in time. Within months we’d brought Xylem’s revenue back to pre-COVID levels by targeting the B2C market. The company’s furloughed employees were brought back to work. By narrowing selected products we marketed, Xylem was able to build products much more efficiently and now has the highest revenue generated per employee ever. Pre-covid, Xylem had 35 employees, dropped down to 8 when Covid struck, and now they are back to 33 employees.

“We had no idea what the hell was going to happen or how to get through it, but we knew if we were going to get through it was going to be through proving out a new approach to our marketing to figure out what was still out there to find. Brillity held our hand the whole way through and there is no way we would have made it through without those guys.”