What is local listing management?

Local Listing Management is the act of ensuring all business data is accurate across the web. This includes things such as your business name, address, phone number and/or hours. Ideal management consists of regular updates and maintaining correct business information across online business directories such as (but not limited to) Yelp, Google, Yahoo and platforms like Facebook & TripAdvisor.

Regardless of market changes, search continues to be the best way to be found by potential customers.

Is this just relevant for local businesses?

Whether you’re a local brick & mortar business or a service-area provider, this type of data management is vital to providing positive customer experiences and increasing your visibility to potential customers online.

If you’re a local business:

Ensure your business information is accurate to avoid negative experiences for customers. What’s worse than showing up to a store that was supposedly “open” according to Google, when they are in fact closed?

If you’re a service-area business:

You want to make sure that your business shows up for relevant searches in your service area, regardless of whether or not you have a storefront in the area. Just because you don’t have a physical address doesn’t mean you can’t show up in Maps when a potential customer searches for your service!

For example, searches for “open now near me” have grown by over 400% year-over-year worldwide (Source: Think with Google) . Consumers want accurate information and the ability to quickly contact businesses.

How can local listing management help my business?

By ensuring that your business is accurately represented on the web, you’ll experience:

  • Increased business discoverability

  • More clicks & conversions

  • Better customer experience

  • Enhanced SEO performance

Common Local Listing Issues We Can Help With:

Vivianna Davis

Vivianna Davis

Vivianna Davis is our Director of Operations. She specializes in search engine optimization, project management, and operations. In 2019 she was a BizWest Women of Distinction nominee.